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Black Taffy Turner

Taffy Tubes


Introducing Generation 3 of our flagship product, the Taffy Turner. This anodized aluminum roller is for turning glass and features all stainless steel hardware and 2” stainless steel wheels with high-temp stainless steel bearings. We offer the option of Made in China Bearings or Made in USA Bearings.

Dimensions: 7-1/4” x 5-3/8” x 7-1/4”

This Taffy Turner add-on acts as a chuck. It takes the weight of the glass for worry-free turning and is a great accessory when learning to "crawl". The hook design allows you to place and remove your glass with your blowhose still attached and without disengaging the thumb-screw.

Full set of 4 different tungsten sculpting knives braised into stainless steel handles. These tools vastly improve your ability to sculpt boro in or out of the flame without leaving metal residue behind.

These tools are approx. 7" long with 3/8" diameter handles.
Made by Bryan Cristan of BC Metalworking


Heat Shield upgrade

Protect your hands with the new heat shield upgrade from Taffy Tubes.

See it in action: @taffytubes


Video: Setting Up The Riser